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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is the Sales World in Denial?

I'm not sure why sales and marketing people make comments like the ones in this blog (

It's this type of attitude "Do not agree to respond until you can get a two hour meeting with the appropriate decision makers so you can identify the reason for the issuance of the RFP and the measurable outcomes the issuer would like to achieve. If the corporation won't agree, chances are they already have a winner selected and you should spend your time on more profitable ventures." that results in incumbents loosing substantial business when they could have easily met the requirements and successfully retained valuable business.

Sales people have to understand the dilemma organizations are faced with... CUT COST... INCREASE VALUE.

Procurement is the department tasked with producing this value and creating a competitive advantage for the business... fighting the RFP process or demanding a meeting to explain the organizational intent behind strategy is foolish. Unless the sales world can adjust, they'll continue to loose business to the suppliers who've learned the process and adopted value propositions to sell to procurement. Just my two cents..

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