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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Procurement Professionas are really Salespeople!

I completely agree with Pal Tegue’s article ( regarding the truth about procurement professionals and the importance of inside-selling. More often than not, internal business leaders view procurement as a threat to their kingdom. Let’s face it, money is power! Business leaders in charge of spending millions and millions of dollars of their organization’s money feel on top of the world… not to mention the salespeople following them around with game tickets, executive briefings in Honolulu and other luxuries and incentives. Who wants procurement policing the spending…  NO ONE… not even Finance (believe me?!?!?). For that reason, salesmanship is the key to procurement professional’s ability to succeed and rise within the organization. So if you’re interested in going into procurement… make sure you’re ready for a lifetime full of internal selling, regardless of how much value you bring to the business!

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